The Opportunity
Growth of Marketplace Lending has made consumer loans a new and sizeable asset class available for investment to Non-Banks, with the ability to generate very attractive yields BUT...
...Requires highly specialized and experienced skills in selecting, underwriting and managing exposures through changing economies.
Corridor Funds offers an ability to bridge this gap by bringing together:
  • Unparalleled Experience: Team that has managed credit hands-on over multiple economic cycles
  • Fundamental Knowledge: Ability to evaluate, issue and manage credit at an individual level
  • Advanced Analytics: Established best in class big data platform and machine learning analytics
Corridor will create and manage customized wholly owned portfolios that fit client specific risk/return requirements by:
  • Creating a diversified portfolio that is actively managed to a floor in stress scenario’s
  • Sourcing loans through active selection, portfolio purchase as well as having the unique ability to
  • Design, price and originate new loans through select best in class Market Place Partners
Our Approach
Deep Experience
A highly seasoned team of credit professionals with unmatched depth and quality of experience in the Consumer and small business lending asset class.
Advanced Analytics
Combination of years of experience designing predictive credit models which work through the cycle and the latest in big data and machine learning analytics.
Diverse Loan Sourcing
Multi sourcing strategy from selecting available loans at marketplace lenders based on proprietary ground up valuation, to designing new products and originating loans through select partner platforms
Our Team
Our Tools
Loan Valuation
Full loan valuation framework
Continuous validation
Supervised Machine learning
Automated Investment
Live API connections
Custom selection criteria
Automated reports
Portfolio Management
Performance forecasting
Real-time monitoring
Automated adjustments
Our Sources
Independent Originators
We work with major Marketplace Lending platforms such as LendingClub and Prosper
Secondary Markets
We actively source and facilitate portfolio sales and purchases
Integrated Partnerships
We partner with major platforms to develop and sell new products
Recent Headlines
Corridor Funds Spins off Corridor Platforms - a big data credit risk management platform

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