Diverse Loan Sourcing

Diverse loan sourcing is the third pillar of our strategy. We understand that supply is critical and it must be sustained and of high quality. That’s why we are :

  • Selectively working with platforms that have significant scale and operate robust origination processes
  • Going beyond origination to identify and evaluate secondary market opportunities
  • Building close partnerships with originators to improve product development and risk management processes
  • We are continuously evaluating portfolio purchase opportunities that get presented to us through our extensive network of relationships within the Lending industry.

  • Upgrade

    We recently formed a partnership with Upgrade, a new Marketplace Lending platform founded by the former CEO of LendingClub, Renaud Laplanche. Through this partnership, Upgrade and Corridor will collaborate to develop new products and provide Risk oversight to Upgrade’s credit investors.

  • Biz2Credit

    Biz2Credit is an online small business platform that connects small business owners with lenders and service providers. Its online platform matches entrepreneurs with credit solutions based on their business profile and preferences.